CropTower™ Saves Water

The root systems of plants only absorbs a small amount of water and nutrients, only what it needs. In many grows, the water is lost down the drain and not reused.

CropTower™ automatically delivers temperature controlled, oxygenated, nutrient rich water into the top of the CropTower™ which gently “rains” down on the plant root system where the roots directly absorb all the necessary water and nutrients required for accelerated growth. Less than 10% of the total volume of water is absorbed by the plants in the CropTower™ . Another +/- 10% of the volume of water is lost through evaporation. The remaining 80% of the water is returned to the nutrient tank and recirculated.

The water flow to each CropTower™ is carefully calculated in order to provide proper levels of water and nutrients. Specially engineered oxygenating sytems ensure a highly oxygenated water supply prior to introduction. Critical automated watering times are carefully calculated based on the individual characteristics of each plant.