Hybrid Hydroponic CropTower™ Cultivation System

Solaridy offers qualified licensed growers the opportunity to have a complete custom designed and installed CropTower™ System with little upfront cost. Our initial Equipment License Program fee is easily recovered in a single grow cycle.

Our equipment leasing Program consists of turnkey, professionally installed system designed to fit your exact floor space. We will train your personnel to operate and maintain the equipment. Solaridy LLC will monitor and provide 24/7 assistance to ensure no crop damaging down time.

It is the grower’s responsibility to provide an evironmentally controlled space for the installation. That means that we would be converting an existing cultivation room into our CropTower™ System. All CropTower™ units will be installed in this Grower controlled environmentally balanced space (Air,H2O,rH, CO2). All CropTower™ mechanical and computer equipment will be installed in a separate area. The Grower must provide access into these areas…ie.double doors.

The Grower will provide and cultivate the required number of clones and subscribe to Solaridy’s method of propagation. The clones will be placed into the CropTower™ for the last 2 weeks of the vegetative cycle and the complete flowering cycle…typically 6 to 7 additional weeks.

Our monthly fees are determined by varying state laws. In many states, the fee is based on current harvest weight less prior room production, after harvest and the dry weight is determined. The grow fee is calculated at 50% of the overage (at the current wholesale price). So, for example, if you currently grow 1000 dry lbs/month, and with the CropTower, you grow 3000 dry lbs/month, the difference is obviously 2000 dry lbs/month – Our fee would be 50% of the 2000 lbs difference at a fixed current market price. To put it into numbers, half the balance of 2000 is 1000 lbs * $800/lb. You effectively triple your production in the same space and only pay 1/3 of the added cost.