Aeroponic CropTower Equipment Leasing

Solaridy is aeroponic equipment leasing and consulting company, able to produce an extremely efficient, high-quality, extremely clean and consistent products from lettuce and herbs to cannabis.

Solaridy leases its equipment on a monthly retainer, or units-produced basis (like a copier company charges by the copy) whichever the laws of a particular state will allow.

Solaridy provides a 3X increase production within the same square footage, increasing revenue and reducing costs for growers. The product grown in our towers is done with aeroponic, providing the best cleanest product available. By using Solaridy’s systems, customers reduce their current operating costs of power, water and labor, plus avoid the costs and time of buying or leasing additional warehouse space to expand their business footprint.

We do not sell systems. Rather we provide licensed, managed-services, establishing a recurring revenue model, selling the products produced to the grower within their own facility. Because the systems are technology-based, we have a competitive advantage of being able to analyze grow data, test and track new solutions and nutrients and make any changes necessary in minutes vs days or even weeks.