Welcome to Solaridy LLC CropTower™ Aeroponic CropTower Cultivation System

Solaridy’s CropTowers, are a set of 10’ tall, vertically-integrated, fully-automated growing system for maximizing warehouse space and reducing production costs for cannabis growers. With CropTowers, growers can expanding their production up to 3X their current yield in the same warehouse, drastically reducing expansion cost and production costs.

Solaridy LLC CropTower™ Solaridy CropTower™ System - 10' tall, self-contained, high efficiency, aeroponic cultivation system for indoor growers.

The Next Generation Of Cannabis Growing and Harvesting. Growing cannabis with our proven CropTower™ aeroponic system provides commercial growers a consistent controlled environment to produce high yield crops while maximizing valuable floor space in any indoor growing environment. Our computer-regulated system optimizes proprietary nutrients, water and temperature to maximize production. Plants receive the precise nutrition at precisely the right time and provide real-time data in a cloud-based system for monitoring each grow remotely from anywhere.

Technology and Horticulture

We combine the best in management, science, engineering, technology and horticulture to provide a drastic increases in production and revenue.

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Grow Up, Not Out

Solaridy CropTowers™ allows you to maximize the square footage you already have, saving you the headaches, costs and time of looking for a bigger warehouse.

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More Efficient, and More Profitable.

The market is changing, prices will fall and you must become a more efficient grower to survive. We provide you the system to do that.

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